One of the challenges of installing an SR20DE or SR20DET into any chassis can be finding enough room to use the stock SR alternator.  In the case of a Datsun Roadster, the stock alternator and bracket would hit the frame– a solution for this problem needed to be found!

After much research, a 1985-1995 Subaru Justy alternator was found– this is about 2/3 the size of the stock SR20 alternator, and with 55 amps of output, still works great with a EFI powered conversion– with enough power left over to power the rest of the car.

This conversion kit allows you to install the Subaru Justy alternator onto your RWD SR20DE or SR20DET engine mounting the alternator high and tight to the block– you won’t find a smaller setup on the market for this price!

Our kit includes the mounting bracket, a custom billet aluminum water pump pulley, a new OEM Honda alternator belt and the mounting hardware.  This kit is laser cut and TIG welded from mild steel and is sold in a raw finish.

This kit has proven to be popular with people putting SR20-series engines into just about anything– we have sold them to people building Lotus 7 kits, MGB conversions, or just about anything else that this awesome engine has been installed into!

Price is $485

Winter 2022 Note:  Unfortunately we have had to incorporate our first price increase in 8-years. We have had a 200% price increase in material costs, so I will have to raise my prices to reflect that. We are going to absorb as much of that as possible to keep this as affordable as possible. Raw material, and machine shop costs have been going crazy, and there is nothing we can do to circumvent this. 

Additional Images:

Spriso Alternator Bracket Mounting Bosses

Spriso Alternator Bracket Installed

Subaru Justy Alternator Installed

Subaru Justy Alternator Installed 2

Subaru Justy Alternator Installed in Car

Subaru vs. Nissan Alt


Super Street uses Spriso Motorsports kit!