Our motor mounts are designed in AutoCad, laser cut, and TIG welded. They use brand-new OEM Nissan Datsun 510 isolators on our custom designed motor mount base plates. These mounts fit high, and tight to the block, allowing a great fit in the Datsun Roadster frame.

Price $495

Winter 2022 Note:  Unfortunately we have had to incorporate our first price increase in 8-years. We have had a 200% price increase in material costs, so I will have to raise my prices to reflect that. We are going to absorb as much of that as possible to keep this as affordable as possible. Raw material, and machine shop costs have been going crazy, and there is nothing we can do to circumvent this. 

Additional Images

Drivers Side Motor Mount Installed

Passenger Side Motor Mount Installed 2

Drivers Side Motor Mount Installed

Drivers Side Motor Mount Base Plate