Motor Mount Kits


We have probably had 50+ people contact us in the last couple years looking for a set of motor mounts to mount a SR20DE(T) into a Datsun roadster. We finally decided to get these drawn up, laser cut, and onto the market to help our fellow SR swappers.

These still don’t make this a 100% bolt in. The front crossmember will still need to be notched for the front sump oil pan to clear the frame, and you will still need to determine the correct angle that the engine needs to sit at before welding to the frame. You will need to trim the bottom mounting plate to suit your application, and your frame (as they are all a little different!) You will also need to cut the appropriate gusset plates to reinforce the mounting plate.

The base plate of my motor mounts are designed to be welded to the frame. These mounts have been designed with AutoCAD, and will bolt up to your stock RWD SR20DE(T) engine (no matter what series) perfectly. They have been laser cut from mild steel, and professionally TIG welded.

Parts are delivered raw to allow you to paint, plate or powder coat to the color of your choice.

Price for the kit is $355 plus shipping.

We will also send our customers a CD with 1500+ images of some of our SR20DE(T) swaps so they can get ideas of what they might want to do on their conversion.

The Motor Mount Kit includes:

  • 2 Motor Mounts
  • 2 Isolators
  • 2 Mounting Plates
  • Email
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